Open suggestions discussion

Written by: Open Solr Administrator

So let the open suggestions discusions commence !

So first of all here are my ideas for the roadmap (not in the order of importance):

  • Make a website search widget for the web collections that users may use on their websites, regardless of what CMS everybody is using. The search would look and work and feel like our own site search here:
  • Start to create PHP, Python and maybe Java libraries for distributed search and indexing (which is Solr Distributed Search). Yes ! That is possible using Opensolr collections. Once we add more public servers, premium users will be able to add up 50 collections that would be hosted on different machines, maybe even worldwide, (or in the same network), AND they would need some sort of libraries to help with indexing and searching through data within those machines. This should be one important item.

And please, by all and every means, do post your comments below to start getting more great ideas to implement for FREE in



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